BUCCHIGIRI?! Season 1 Hindi Episodes Download HD

Anime Series Info


Season: 01

Episodes: 12

Release Year: 2024

TV Channel (India): Crunchyroll

Running time: 24min

Genres: Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Language: Hindi

BUCCHIGIRI?! Anime Series by Crunchyroll Available Now in Hindi on RAREANIMEHINDI

Episode 01 – Merge?! Fall in Love With Fortune Bang Bang Chicken!

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]

Episode 02 – Wanna Take You On! The Chu Chu Chinese Pepper Steak Train!

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]

Episode 03 – Love at Fist Fight! The One and Only Quail in the World

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]

Episode 04 – Stop the War! ~Sometimes You Gotta Eat Goya Chanpuru~

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]

Episode 05 – Frightening! Chili Shrimps Falling Down Like Snowflakes! 

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]

Episode 06 – Much Much Friendship! “Nira-Reba”-lution 21!

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]

Episode 07 – Group Date?! The Sea, Maji Croquette, and I!

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]

Episode 08 – Sad News! Seriously Falling in Love with Gomoku Soba! 

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]

Episode 09 – Temptation! Soup-Related Etceteras! NEw!

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]

Episode 10 – Fallen Friend! This Love, This Pain, This Almond Tofu! NEw!

Hindi – [WatchMultQuality]


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